CDK_IT_AbsScreenLocation 0x001A The absolute screen loction option of a dialog box
CDK_IT_AccesoriesEnabled 0x0194  
CDK_IT_ActionsBlock 0x0046 Actions block of a function
CDK_IT_Activation 0x01F3  
CDK_IT_ActiveX 0x01ED  
CDK_IT_ActiveXDefCls 0x01EF  
CDK_IT_ActiveXDisplay 0x01F5  
CDK_IT_ActiveXType 0x01F2  
CDK_IT_AlwaysShowList 0x001B The always show list option of a combo box
CDK_IT_Application 0x001D "Application Description"
CDK_IT_AppActions 0x001C The Application Actions section
CDK_IT_AutoCreate 0x001E The automatically create option of top level windows
CDK_IT_AutoExecute 0x0113 Autoexecute option of Quest window
CDK_IT_BeginX 0x001F The beginX option of a line or frame
CDK_IT_BeginY 0x0020  
CDK_IT_BackgroundColor 0x0021 Background color
CDK_IT_BackgroundColorCDefs 0x0022 Background color defaults for child windows in Window Defaults section
CDK_IT_BackgroundColorTDefs 0x0023 Background color defaults for table windows in Window defaults section
CDK_IT_BackgroundTextDefs 0x0024 Background text defaults in Window defaults section
CDK_IT_BackgroundTextDefCls 0x0148  
CDK_IT_BackgroundText 0x000C Background text
CDK_IT_BaseClassRef 0x0106 Derived from class
CDK_IT_Boolean 0x0025 A boolean type variable
CDK_IT_Border 0x0026  
CDK_IT_BorderColor 0x0027  
CDK_IT_BorderColorCDefs 0x0028  
CDK_IT_BorderStyle 0x0029  
CDK_IT_BorderThickness 0x002A  
CDK_IT_Break 0x002B A break statement in an action block
CDK_IT_Call 0x007B A call statement in an action block
CDK_IT_Case 0x008B A case statement in an action block
CDK_IT_CellAllowTextEditing 0x01CF  
CDK_IT_CellAutoDropDown 0x01CE  
CDK_IT_CellCheckBox 0x01D0  
CDK_IT_CellCheckColumnValue 0x01D1  
CDK_IT_CellDropDownList 0x01CD  
CDK_IT_CellDropDownSorted 0x01D8  
CDK_IT_CellDropDownVertScroll 0x01D9  
CDK_IT_CellListValues 0x01D3  
CDK_IT_CellListText 0x01D4  
CDK_IT_CellMultiline 0x01CC  
CDK_IT_CellOptions 0x01CA  
CDK_IT_CellType 0x01CB  
CDK_IT_CellUncheckColumnValue 0x01D2  
CDK_IT_CheckBox 0x0008 A check box
CDK_IT_CheckBoxDefs 0x002C Check box defaults in Window defaults section
CDK_IT_CheckBoxDefCls 0x0138  
CDK_IT_CheckedWhen 0x002D Menu item checked when
CDK_IT_ChildTable 0x0003 A child table window
CDK_IT_ChildTableOptions 0x002E  
CDK_IT_ChildTableWindowDefs 0x002F Child table window defaults in Window defaults section
CDK_IT_ChildTableDefCls 0x0139  
CDK_IT_ChildVisible 0x0030 True if a child window is visible
CDK_IT_ClassActiveX 0x01EE  
CDK_IT_ClassBackgroundText 0x0144  
CDK_IT_ClassCheckBox 0x00FE  
CDK_IT_ClassChildTable 0x00F9  
CDK_IT_ClassComboBox 0x0103  
CDK_IT_ClassCustomControl 0x011A  
CDK_IT_ClassDefinitions 0x00F4 Class Definitions
CDK_IT_ClassDialogBox 0x00F6  
CDK_IT_ClassEditorPosition 0x012E  
CDK_IT_ClassField 0x00FA  
CDK_IT_ClassFormWindow 0x00F7  
CDK_IT_ClassFrame 0x0147  
CDK_IT_ClassFunction 0x00F5  
CDK_IT_ClassFunctions 0x0117 The functions section of a class
CDK_IT_ClassGeneralWindow 0x01C8  
CDK_IT_ClassGroupBox 0x0145  
CDK_IT_ClassHorizScrollBar 0x00FF  
CDK_IT_ClassLine 0x0146  
CDK_IT_ClassListBox 0x0102  
CDK_IT_ClassMultilineText 0x00FB  
CDK_IT_ClassMDIWindow 0x0120  
CDK_IT_ClassName 0x011F Class name of an object
CDK_IT_ClassObject 0x0105 A functional class object
CDK_IT_ClassOptionButton 0x011C  
CDK_IT_ClassPicture 0x0104  
CDK_IT_ClassPushButton 0x00FC  
CDK_IT_ClassQuestChildTable 0x0121  
CDK_IT_ClassQuestTableWindow 0x0122  
CDK_IT_ClassRadioButton 0x00FD  
CDK_IT_ClassTableColumn 0x0101  
CDK_IT_ClassTableWindow 0x00F8  
CDK_IT_ClassVertScrollBar 0x0100  
CDK_IT_ClassVariables 0x0118 The class variables section of a class
CDK_IT_ColumnIgnoreCase 0x01DA  
CDK_IT_ColumnTitle 0x0031  
CDK_IT_ColumnWidth 0x0032  
CDK_IT_ColumnWidthEditable 0x014F  
CDK_IT_ComboBox 0x000F A combo box
CDK_IT_ComboBoxDefs 0x0033  
CDK_IT_ComboBoxDefCls 0x013C  
CDK_IT_Comment 0x00BC Comment
CDK_IT_Constants 0x0034  
CDK_IT_Coordinates 0x0035  
CDK_IT_Corners 0x0036  
CDK_IT_Country 0x0037  
CDK_IT_CustomControlDLLName 0x011D  
CDK_IT_CustomControlMSWinClass 0x011E  
CDK_IT_CustomControlMSWinStyle 0x0177  
CDK_IT_CustomControlMSWinStyleEx 0x0178  
CDK_IT_CustomControlDisplay 0x0179  
CDK_IT_CustomControlTileToParent 0x017A  
CDK_IT_CustomControlTabStop 0x017B  
CDK_IT_CustomControlVertScroll 0x017C  
CDK_IT_CustomControlHorizScroll 0x017D  
CDK_IT_CustomControlBorder 0x017E  
CDK_IT_CustomControlEtchedBorder 0x017F  
CDK_IT_CustomControlHollow 0x0180  
CDK_IT_CustomControl 0x0016 A custom control
CDK_IT_CustomControlClass 0x011A  
CDK_IT_CustomControlDefCls 0x0174  
CDK_IT_DataField 0x0004 A data field
CDK_IT_DataFieldDefs 0x0065 Data field defaults section in Window Defaults
CDK_IT_DataFieldDefCls 0x0134  
CDK_IT_DataFieldOptions 0x0066  
CDK_IT_DataType 0x0039  
CDK_IT_DateTimeFormat 0x00F0  
CDK_IT_DateTime 0x003A  
CDK_IT_Default 0x008C The default statement of a select case in an action block
CDK_IT_DefaultClasses 0x012F  
CDK_IT_DerivedFrom 0x00F3  
CDK_IT_Description 0x003F  
CDK_IT_DesignTimeSettings 0x0040  
CDK_IT_DialogBox 0x0042 A dialog box
CDK_IT_DialogBoxDefs 0x0043 Dialog box section under Window Defaults
CDK_IT_DialogBoxDefCls 0x0131  
CDK_IT_DialogType 0x0044 Type of dialog, modal, modaless or system modal
CDK_IT_DialogOptions 0x0045  
CDK_IT_Dynalib 0x01C9  
CDK_IT_DynalinkBoolean 0x01E5  
CDK_IT_DynalinkDateTime 0x01E6  
CDK_IT_DynalinkDialogBox 0x01E2  
CDK_IT_DynalinkFileHandle 0x01E7  
CDK_IT_DynalinkFormWindow 0x01DC  
CDK_IT_DynalinkGlobalFunction 0x01E0  
CDK_IT_DynalinkLongString 0x01E8  
CDK_IT_DynalinkMDIContents 0x01E4  
CDK_IT_DynalinkMDIWindow 0x01DE  
CDK_IT_DynalinkNumber 0x01E9  
CDK_IT_DynalinkQuestTableWindow 0x01E3  
CDK_IT_DynalinkSqlHandle 0x01EA  
CDK_IT_DynalinkString 0x01EB  
CDK_IT_DynalinkTableWindow 0x01DD  
CDK_IT_DynalinkWindowFunction 0x01E1  
CDK_IT_DynalinkWindowFunctions 0x01DF  
CDK_IT_DynalinkWindowHandle 0x01EC  
CDK_IT_Editable 0x0047  
CDK_IT_Else 0x0049 An Else statement in an action block
CDK_IT_ElseIf 0x0048 An ElseIf statement in an action block
CDK_IT_EnabledWhen 0x004A  
CDK_IT_EndX 0x004B  
CDK_IT_EndY 0x004C  
CDK_IT_ExportOrdinal 0x004D  
CDK_IT_ExtBoolean 0x004E Boolean var for external function
CDK_IT_ExtDateTime 0x004F Date/Time var for external function
CDK_IT_ExtFile 0x0050 File Handle var for external function
CDK_IT_ExternalFunctions 0x0051 External function section
CDK_IT_ExtFunction 0x0052 External function
CDK_IT_ExternalLibrary 0x0091 The name of an external library (DLL)
CDK_IT_ExtLongString 0x0053 Long String var for external function
CDK_IT_ExtNumber 0x0055 Number var for external function
CDK_IT_ExtParameters 0x0056 Parameters section of an external function
CDK_IT_ExtReturns 0x0057 Returns section of an external function
CDK_IT_ExtReceiveBoolean 0x0058 Extern return of Boolean type
CDK_IT_ExtReceiveDateTime 0x0059 External return of DateTime type
CDK_IT_ExtReceiveFile 0x005A External return of file type
CDK_IT_ExtReceiveLongString 0x005B External return of long String type
CDK_IT_ExtReceiveNumber 0x005C External return of number type
CDK_IT_ExtReceiveSqlHandle 0x005D External return of Sql Handle type
CDK_IT_ExtReceiveString 0x005E External return of String type
CDK_IT_ExtReceiveWindow 0x005F External return of Window handle type
CDK_IT_ExtSqlHandle 0x0060 SQL Handle var for external function
CDK_IT_ExtString 0x0061 String var for external function
CDK_IT_ExtStructPointer 0x01BA  
CDK_IT_ExtStructReceiveBoolean 0x01BD  
CDK_IT_ExtStructReceiveDateTime 0x01BE  
CDK_IT_ExtStructReceiveFile 0x01BF  
CDK_IT_ExtStructReceiveNumber 0x01C0  
CDK_IT_ExtStructReceiveSqlHandle 0x01C1  
CDK_IT_ExtStructReceiveWindow 0x01C2  
CDK_IT_ExtStructString 0x01C3  
CDK_IT_ExtStructReceiveString 0x01C4  
CDK_IT_ExtStructNestedStruct 0x01C5  
CDK_IT_ExtTemplate 0x0062 Template var for external function
CDK_IT_ExtWindow 0x0063 Window Handle var for external function
CDK_IT_FileHandle 0x0067 File handle variable
CDK_IT_FontEnh 0x0068  
CDK_IT_FontEnhCDefs 0x0069  
CDK_IT_FontEnhTDefs 0x006A  
CDK_IT_FontName 0x006B  
CDK_IT_FontNameCDefs 0x006C  
CDK_IT_FontNameTDefs 0x006D  
CDK_IT_FontSize 0x006E  
CDK_IT_FontSizeCDefs 0x006F  
CDK_IT_FontSizeTDefs 0x0070  
CDK_IT_Format 0x0071  
CDK_IT_Formats 0x00EE  
CDK_IT_FormContents 0x0072  
CDK_IT_FormDispStyle 0x0142  
CDK_IT_FormDispStyleDefs 0x0143  
CDK_IT_FormHeight 0x0073  
CDK_IT_FormPages 0x0074  
CDK_IT_FormSize 0x0075  
CDK_IT_FormVariables 0x0076  
CDK_IT_FormWidth 0x0077  
CDK_IT_FormWindow 0x0001 A form window
CDK_IT_FormWindowDefs 0x0078  
CDK_IT_FormWindowDefCls 0x0130  
CDK_IT_FormWindowOptions 0x0079  
CDK_IT_Frame 0x0010 A frame
CDK_IT_FrameDefs 0x007A  
CDK_IT_FrameDefCls 0x014B  
CDK_IT_Function 0x0087 Any non-external function
CDK_IT_Globals 0x007C The Global Declarations
CDK_IT_GroupBox 0x0009 A group box
CDK_IT_GroupBoxDefs 0x007D  
CDK_IT_GroupBoxDefCls 0x0149  
CDK_IT_GroupSeparator 0x007E  
CDK_IT_GUID 0x01F0  
CDK_IT_HorizScrollBar 0x000A A horizontal scroll bar
CDK_IT_HorizScrollBarDefCls 0x013F  
CDK_IT_HostName 0x01F2  
CDK_IT_IconFile 0x0080  
CDK_IT_If 0x0081 An "If" statement in an action block
CDK_IT_FileInclude 0x0083 A file include entry in the libraries section
CDK_IT_IncClassDefines 0x01A7  
CDK_IT_IncConstants 0x01A3  
CDK_IT_IncDialogBox 0x019E  
CDK_IT_IncExtFunctions 0x01A2  
CDK_IT_IncFormats 0x01AB  
CDK_IT_IncFormWindow 0x019F  
CDK_IT_IncIntFunction 0x01A6  
CDK_IT_IncMDIWindow 0x01A1  
CDK_IT_IncResources 0x01A4  
CDK_IT_IncTableWindow 0x01A0  
CDK_IT_IncVariables 0x01A5  
CDK_IT_IncNamedPopupMenuList 0x01AC  
CDK_IT_InputMask 0x0152  
CDK_IT_InputMaskFormat 0x0153  
CDK_IT_InitialState 0x0084  
CDK_IT_InstanceVars 0x0109 The instance variables section of a class
CDK_IT_InternalFunctions 0x0086 The global internal functions section
CDK_IT_ImageStyle 0x0186  
CDK_IT_Justify 0x008E  
CDK_IT_KeyboardAccelerator 0x008F The keyboard accelerator for a push button
CDK_IT_Libraries 0x0082 The libraries section
CDK_IT_License 0x01F1  
CDK_IT_Line 0x0011 A Line
CDK_IT_LineDefCls 0x014A  
CDK_IT_LineColor 0x0092  
CDK_IT_LineColorCDefs 0x0093  
CDK_IT_LineDefs 0x0094  
CDK_IT_LineStyle 0x0190  
CDK_IT_LineThick 0x0095  
CDK_IT_ListBox 0x000E A list box
CDK_IT_ListBoxDefs 0x0096  
CDK_IT_ListBoxDefCls 0x013B  
CDK_IT_ListHorizScroll 0x017D  
CDK_IT_ListMultiSelect 0x00AB  
CDK_IT_ListInitialization 0x0097  
CDK_IT_ListInToolPalette 0x01C6  
CDK_IT_ListSorted 0x00CB  
CDK_IT_ListValue 0x0098  
CDK_IT_LocalVariables 0x0088 The local variables of any function
CDK_IT_LongString 0x009A a long String variable
CDK_IT_Loop 0x009B A loop statement in an action block
CDK_IT_MaxDataLength 0x0038 Maximum data length
CDK_IT_Maximizable 0x009C  
CDK_IT_MDIAccesoriesEnabled 0x0125  
CDK_IT_MDIContents 0x009D The contents of an MDI window
CDK_IT_MDIWindowDefCls 0x0141  
CDK_IT_MDIWindow 0x0013 An MDI window
CDK_IT_MDIWindowOptions 0x009E  
CDK_IT_Menu 0x009F A menu
CDK_IT_MenuAccelerator 0x0090 The keyboard accelerator for a menu item
CDK_IT_MenuActions 0x00A0 The actions of any menu
CDK_IT_MenuColumn 0x00A1 A menu column
CDK_IT_MenuItem 0x00A2 A menu item
CDK_IT_MenuItemName 0x01BC  
CDK_IT_MenuOptions 0x00A3  
CDK_IT_MenuRow 0x00A4  
CDK_IT_MenuSeparator 0x00A5 A menu separator
CDK_IT_MenuStatusText 0x012D  
CDK_IT_MessageActions 0x00AD  
CDK_IT_Minimizable 0x00A6  
CDK_IT_ModalDialog 0x00A7  
CDK_IT_MultilineOptions 0x00A9  
CDK_IT_MultilineText 0x0005 A multiline text field
CDK_IT_MultilineTextDefs 0x00AA  
CDK_IT_MultilineTextDefCls 0x0135  
CDK_IT_NamedMenus 0x012B Named menus section
CDK_IT_NamedPopupMenu 0x0128  
CDK_IT_NamedPopupMenuList 0x012B  
CDK_IT_NamedWindowsMenu 0x012C  
CDK_IT_NoMultipleInstances 0x0107 Reject Multiple Window Instances?
CDK_IT_NumberFormat 0x00EF  
CDK_IT_Number 0x00AC  
CDK_IT_OnMessage 0x00AE  
CDK_IT_OnActiveXEvent 0x01F6  
CDK_IT_ObjectLinks 0x0114 Object links for Quest windows
CDK_IT_ObjectLinksColumn 0x0150  
CDK_IT_ObjectLinksConsaint 0x0151  
CDK_IT_ObjectLinksDetailTable 0x019C  
CDK_IT_ObjectMenu 0x010B An object menu
CDK_IT_OptionButton 0x0014 An option button
CDK_IT_OptionButtonDefs 0x0176  
CDK_IT_OptionButtonDefCls 0x0173  
CDK_IT_OptionButtonStyle 0x0185  
CDK_IT_OptionsPosition 0x00B0  
CDK_IT_OutlinePosition 0x00B1  
CDK_IT_OutlineState 0x00B2  
CDK_IT_Parameters 0x0089 The parameters section of any internal function
CDK_IT_Picture 0x0012 A picture object
CDK_IT_PictureDefs 0x00B3  
CDK_IT_PictureDefCls 0x013D  
CDK_IT_PictureEditable 0x010A  
CDK_IT_PictureFile 0x00B4  
CDK_IT_PictureFit 0x00B5  
CDK_IT_PictureScaling 0x00B6  
CDK_IT_PictureStorage 0x00B7  
CDK_IT_PictureTransparentColor 0x00F1  
CDK_IT_PopupMenu 0x00B8 A popup menu
CDK_IT_PopupMenuTitle 0x0129  
CDK_IT_PopupMenuName 0x012A  
CDK_IT_PushButton 0x0006 A push button
CDK_IT_PushButtonDefs 0x00B9  
CDK_IT_PushButtonDefCls 0x0136  
CDK_IT_PushbuttonPicture 0x00F2  
CDK_IT_ClassDLLName 0x01C7  
CDK_IT_QualifyExtReferences 0x00BA  
CDK_IT_QuestChildTable 0x0111  
CDK_IT_QuestChildTableDefCls 0x013A  
CDK_IT_QuestTableWindow 0x0112 A Quest table window
CDK_IT_QuestTableWindowDefCls 0x0133  
CDK_IT_RadioButton 0x0007 A radio button
CDK_IT_RadioButtonDefs 0x00BB  
CDK_IT_RadioButtonDefCls 0x0137  
CDK_IT_Resizable 0x00BD  
CDK_IT_ResourceId 0x010C  
CDK_IT_ReceiveBoolean 0x00BF  
CDK_IT_ReceiveDateTime 0x00C0  
CDK_IT_ReceiveFile 0x00C1  
CDK_IT_ReceiveLongString 0x00C2  
CDK_IT_ReceiveNumber 0x00C3  
CDK_IT_ReceiveSqlHandle 0x00C4  
CDK_IT_ReceiveString 0x00C5  
CDK_IT_ReceiveWindowHandle 0x00C6 Function return of window handle type
CDK_IT_Return 0x00BE A return statement in an action block
CDK_IT_Returns 0x008A The returns statement of any non-external function
CDK_IT_Resources 0x0196 The resources section
CDK_IT_ResourceBitmap 0x0197  
CDK_IT_ResourceIcon 0x0198  
CDK_IT_ResourceCursor 0x0199  
CDK_IT_ResourceFileName 0x019A  
CDK_IT_RuntimeExtVarChecks 0x0108 Enable Runtime Checks Of External References?
CDK_IT_ScaleHeight 0x00C7  
CDK_IT_ScaleWidth 0x00C8  
CDK_IT_SelectFrom 0x019D  
CDK_IT_SelectCase 0x008D A select case statement in an action block
CDK_IT_Set 0x00C9 A set statement in an action block
CDK_IT_SqlHandle 0x00CC  
CDK_IT_StaticVariables 0x0119 The static variables of any function
CDK_IT_StatusBarVisible 0x0126  
CDK_IT_StringType 0x00CD String type, long or regular
CDK_IT_String 0x00CE  
CDK_IT_SystemConstants 0x00D0 The system constants section
CDK_IT_SystemMenu 0x00D1  
CDK_IT_SystemModal 0x00D2  
CDK_IT_TableAllowRowSizing 0x01D5  
CDK_IT_TableBrowseBar 0x019B  
CDK_IT_TableColumn 0x000D A table column
CDK_IT_TableColumnDefCls 0x0140  
CDK_IT_TableContents 0x00D3  
CDK_IT_TableLinesPerRow 0x01D6  
CDK_IT_TableDiscardable 0x00D4  
CDK_IT_TableMemSettings 0x00D5  
CDK_IT_TableMaxRows 0x00D6  
CDK_IT_TableView 0x0195  
CDK_IT_TableWindow 0x0002 A table window
CDK_IT_TableWindowDefCls 0x0132  
CDK_IT_TableWindowOptions 0x00D7  
CDK_IT_TextColor 0x00D8  
CDK_IT_TextColorCDefs 0x00D9  
CDK_IT_TextColorTDefs 0x00DA  
CDK_IT_TileToParent 0x00DB  
CDK_IT_ToolBar 0x010E  
CDK_IT_ToolBarDefs 0x0110  
CDK_IT_ToolBarOptions 0x0123  
CDK_IT_ToolBarSide 0x0124  
CDK_IT_ToolBarSize 0x010D  
CDK_IT_ToolBarSizeEditable 0x014E  
CDK_IT_ToolBarVisible 0x0127  
CDK_IT_ToolsVisible 0x00E2  
CDK_IT_ToolsPosition 0x00DC  
CDK_IT_WindowTopTableWindowDefs 0x00DD  
CDK_IT_UserConstants 0x00DE The user constants section
CDK_IT_Use40ScopeRules 0x01B7  
CDK_IT_Variables 0x00DF The global variables section
CDK_IT_Version 0x00E0  
CDK_IT_VertScrollBar 0x000B A vertical scroll bar
CDK_IT_VertScroll 0x00E1 The vertical scroll attribute of a multiline text field
CDK_IT_VertScrollBarDefCls 0x013E  
CDK_IT_Visible 0x0030  
CDK_IT_WhenSqlError 0x00AF A When SqlError statement in an action block
CDK_IT_While 0x00E3 A while statement in an action block
CDK_IT_WindowDefs 0x00E4  
CDK_IT_WindowFunctions 0x0116  
CDK_IT_WindowHeight 0x00E5  
CDK_IT_WindowHeightEditable 0x014D  
CDK_IT_WindowLeft 0x00E6  
CDK_IT_WindowParameters 0x0191  
CDK_IT_WindowPosition 0x00E7  
CDK_IT_WindowTitle 0x00E8  
CDK_IT_WindowTop 0x00E9  
CDK_IT_WindowHandle 0x00EA  
CDK_IT_WindowWidth 0x00EB  
CDK_IT_WindowWidthEditable 0x014C  
CDK_IT_WordWrap 0x00EC  
CDK_IT_WindowsMenu 0x010F  
CDK_IT_ClassChildKey 0x01AE  
CDK_IT_ClassChildRefKey 0x01AF  
CDK_IT_DataFieldDataSettings 0x0064  
CDK_IT_MultilineTextDataSettings 0x00A8  
CDK_IT_PropertyTemplate 0x01D7  


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